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Triple 7 Inferno RTG Casino Slots

Slots aficionados will relish the change of pace and piece of nostalgia offered by the old-world charm of the Triple 7 Inferno online slots game! From the highly respected stable of Realtime Gaming, an industry legend, comes this simple classic with three reels supporting one payline and a maximum Jackpot win of 5000 Dollars, Pounds or Euros. With a perfect blend of gentle gaming and thrilling wins, this timeless classic will appeal to everyone.

Refreshingly old-fashioned

The wonderfully classic graphics and design of the game give it a really authentic old-world feeling, especially the small, high-quality details like the shiny handles and button reflections. The traditional and well-loved reel symbols also conjure up days gone by, and include the typical bars and sevens. The fantastic sound and visual effects remind players of the real quality of yesteryear, while the bright flames in the background capture the imagination in the present moment.

Simple wagering and winning for every player

The goal for players at Triple 7 Inferno is to line up matching symbols on the one payline. Keeping the game and layout so simple allows novices and slot purists to enjoy this superb game, and these seemingly different groups will find much in common with this game! While still familiarising themselves or making sure they are totally satisfied with the superb quality, players can enjoy the Inferno risk-free and make no deposit, and once they do feel ready to make real wagers the wide betting range accommodates every bank balance! The coin value range is 0.05 to 5 Pounds, Euros or Dollars and 1, 2 or 3 coins may be played. This determines how lucrative the prizes are, with the highest awards won by three coins.

This well-crafted game keeps things simple and classy, allowing the tried and trusted slots action to take centre stage. The payouts are detailed in the paytable above the machine, with 3 blank spaces returning 2 coins regardless of how many coins were bet. The Bar symbols are also not affected by coin amount, with a combination of any 3 returning 10 coins, and 3 of the 1-,2- and 3- bar symbols yielding 20, 40 and 60 coins respectively. The Seven symbols turn the action up even more: 3 coin bets award players double what two coins do, and bets of one coin are not even accepted! Any 3 Sevens yields up to 200 coins, and 3 Red Sevens up to 300. The highest possible reward with Triple 7 Inferno slot is 3 of the thrilling and unique Flaming Seven, which will return 1000 coins for a 3-coin bet! All players will love watching the winnings roll in.

The perfect pleasure for players to enjoy today!

Wherever a player is on his slots journey, he is sure to enjoy the Triple 7 Inferno Slots! The simple and clean graphics will tempt seasoned purists, while keeping the game user-friendly and easy for newcomers to understand, and the casino bonuses will appeal to one and all!