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Slots are probably one of the oldest and now, most popular gambling games to ever be invented. Considering the multitude of online slots games that are available today, the relatively humble beginnings of this simple casino gambling game may surprise you. Originally slots were played by decks of cards being placed in spinning drums, often located in bars or saloons. Players would give the drums a whirl and wait for a winning combo. However, with so many cards in a deck, the odds of winning were low, so eventually the cards were tampered with – some taken out, and others doubled up – so that the odds of winning were increased. The game eventually took off and evolved into what we play today. Now, nothing can compare to the exhilarating experience of pulling a slots lever and watching brightly colored images flicker past your eyes in sweet anticipation of getting a match. Slots is an all-time favourite and easy enough for even novices to enjoy.

Thanks to modern technology it’s easy to experience the excitement of slots anywhere, anytime by playing online slot games. Whether you’re commuting to work, relaxing on the couch at home or out enjoying drinks with your friends, online slots are offered not only for your PC but also for all varieties of mobile devices including Blackberries, Android smartphones, iPads and iPhones. There are online slots games available for all skill levels and all ages. There are even fun cartoon ones for babies!

One may wonder how online slots games could ever compare to the intoxicating rush of playing this game in land-based casinos but the thrill is more stimulating than ever with the added convenience of being able to play on the go, from anywhere. Online slots games are packed with stunningly designed graphics and impressive sound effects. They are remarkably easy to navigate, making the playing experience extremely rewarding and realistic. With online slots games your financial details are safe, there’s nobody around to monitor your playing and you can try as many different types of games as you’d like!

1.Sloto' CashReviewTriple your money PlatformSloto' CashSloto' Cash
2.Diamond ReelsReview50 free spins PlatformDiamond ReelsDiamond Reels
3.Slots VillageReview25 free spins PlatformSlots VillageSlots Village
4.Slots capitalReview$7 NO DEPOSIT BONUS PlatformSlots capitalSlots capital
5.SlotsReview$22 no deposit bonus PlatformSlotsSlots

Online Casino Slots Games in USA

There are many online slots games available for those new to gambling or looking for their favourite style. There are plenty of free slots games available or for those looking to slots real money no deposit bonuses. In fact, many land-based casinos have cunningly created virtual versions as a means of becoming established as an online presence as well. This means that existing gamblers can save themselves a trip to the casino by taking advantage of a comfortable online venue with familiar rules. For beginners wanting to break into the profitable world of online slots games, there are plenty of sign-up and welcome casino bonuses on offer by a myriad of online casinos. Players can begin playing instantly without issuing their credit card details or without obligation to continue playing that particular game. By offering free money to new players, casinos increase their chance to build a following of long term gamblers that will fuel the popularity and profit of their online games. As the interest in online gaming piques, the demand for affordable and well-designed online slots games continues to increase.