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Chicken Little

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A highly entertaining Chicken Little online slot!

Get ready to meet a friendly host of avian characters when you play Rival’s fabulous Chicken Little online slot! This game has a light hearted and fun theme that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end, and, what’s more, it also offers fantastic winnings! If you are looking for a visually entertaining game packed with fun features and excitement, then this is just the game for you! The slot has 3 reels and one payline, so the slot action is easy to follow, and a maximum bet of 3 coins can be placed on each spin. A minimum bet of 1 coin also features, and with each coin bet, the player enables a higher payline, which opens up more opportunities to win in this great game.

The game’s entertaining Chicken Little theme

Chicken Little is loosely based on the animated film of the same name, with several cute bird characters featuring. The game’s symbols feature a quizzical goose and a friendly hen, as well as Chicken Little himself! Of course, an acorn symbol is represented, and fans of the tale will know the significance of this symbol! Classic single, double and triple bar symbols also feature. The game’s background suits the overall theme, as does the background music, making for a very entertaining gaming experience.

Look out for the special Chicken Little slots symbol!

There is a Wild Multiplier symbol in the game, and it is represented by the Chicken Little icon. This symbol will stand in for all other symbols within the game, thus completing a winning combination. For example, if you land 2 hen symbols and one Wild symbol, you have essentially landed the lucky combination of 3 hens, landing you a significant win. This symbol has another purpose, as it carries a 2x multiplier! If you land a combination completed by this symbol, your winnings will be doubled! This is indeed a lucky special symbol!

Very impressive wins for US Players!

Even though Chicken Little has a fun and light-hearted theme, its offered winnings are nothing to be laughed at! The game’s highest jackpot payout is an incredibly impressive 4, 000 coins. This staggering jackpot is yours if you are lucky enough to land 3 of the chicken symbols, having made a maximum 3 coin bet. If you bet 2 coins on this combination, you will win a massive 2, 000 coins, and had you bet the minimum of 1 coin on this combination, you will take away a still impressive 1, 000 coins. The goose symbols offer the next highest payouts in Chicken Little, and if you line up three of these symbols on a 3 coin bet, you will take away 210 coins. Three hen symbols on a 3 coin bet will win you a great payout of 120 coins. Betting the maximum of 3 coins is definitely beneficial in this online slots game. There are several other ways to win in this game, and you are sure to have a great deal of fun with great casino bonuses while you wait for your lucky combination!