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All Aboard the Money Train

Rival Slots is famed for creating online slot games that keep players entertained for hours on end. Most, if not all, of their games combine all of the elements that make slot games exciting: intrigue, suspense and excitement, all topped off with a good theme that is carried throughout. All Aboard, another offering from this slot gaming giant, is no different. The combination of these factors have resulted in one of the best slot games we’ve seen in a while, which promises to hook players from the very beginning of their play. This game is an all-in-one, giving you everything you need to settle in and win big.

A small pay-in for a big pay-out

In a game with stakes as high as this one, it’s rare to find a fairly low pay-in rate. When it comes to coin size, All Aboard gives you the option to bet just as much as you feel comfortable betting on any one of the 20 paylines. The coin size varies quite substantially. From $0.05 to $0.25, with a maximum bet per spin at 200, this game is perfect for everyone. So, whether you’re a beginner looking to test the waters of online slot games, or an experienced player who has every faith in their abilities, this game will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

A great theme that translates well throughout

All Aboard’s overriding theme is a railway one. This theme works particularly well for this game as it translates as a comical journey that players have to take. It’s filled with all sorts of nods to the railway industry, right from the symbols that appear on the reels to the soundtrack that accompanies them.

The images that adorn the reels make for fantastic symbols. A conductor, a train, whistles, lanterns and railway crossings are just a few of the pictures that help make this theme an effective one. Furthermore, they are complimented perfectly by the train sounds make up the game’s soundtrack.

Bonus features aplenty

The casino bonuses that come along with All Aboard help make this game that much more exciting. Free spins, multipliers and scatter symbols are in abundance and can appear at any point, giving the game an extra edge. Over and above these extras is a bonus round that can significantly increase your winnings. In order for this bonus round to be activated, players need to unlock a minimum of three bells. From then onwards, you are presented with nine box cars. You can keep on choosing any one of these, just so long as they ones you select have money in them. If not, your bonus round comes to an end. It’s the kind of guessing game we all love, as you either lose nothing or win big.

All in all, All Aboard truly is a slot player’s dream. There are countless opportunities to leave the game with far more money that you went in with. It also provides ample entertainment in the form of comic relief, an enticing game structure, and so much more.