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A Day at the Derby

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The whole idea of the derby was initiated sometime in the 18th Century. Ever since then, it has remained a firm favourite form of entertainment amongst horse racing enthusiasts, with millions flocking to place their bets at the respective events every year. Rival Slots, the online slot gaming giant, has found a fantastic way to combine what they do best with this age-old tradition. A Day at the Derby, one of their best offerings, brings all the fun and excitement that one could expect from a derby with the enthralling possibility of winning big money, all from the comfort of your computer screen.

A theme that’s already ahead of the race

This game’s theme is everything you expect it to be. Imagine yourself enjoying a day at the derby. Do you envision golden trophies, thoroughbred horses and hundreds of beautifully adorned spectators? Well, that’s exactly what you get from A Day at the Derby. The symbols that appear on the reels help elevate the theme to one that Rival Slots can be proud of. The way in which the theme is so carefully executed throughout is a rare find amongst online slot games, as many of them tend to lose their themes in all of the other elements that make an online slot game.

Extra features enable you to win big

It can often be hard to find a game that has something special or unique about it. Overall, many slot games have more or less the same features. But this is where A Day at the Derby has an advantage over its counterparts. The game’s big casino bonuses is not only an exciting way to increase your winnings; it also speaks to the theme. Essentially, what this feature entails is the player having to choose from a selection of horses. The winnings are then dependent on how well the chosen horse does. It’s simple, yet effective, as the earnings that could come from choosing the right horse are rather generous.

A free spin extravaganza

Another great feature that comes with A Day at the Derby lies in the fact that players are often presented with opportunities for free spins. Free spins give you the chance to win even more money, except that you don’t have to pay in any extra money in order for this to happen. These are particularly rewarding, as any money won through a free spin can be multiplied by up to three times. In other words, the risk is non-existent and the winnings are substantial.

All in all, A Day at the Derby goes above and beyond what one expects from a regular online slot game. This game provides the perfect escape from everyday life as it takes you to an entirely different place. Allow yourself to be transported to a fun-filled day at the races with boundless opportunities for winning big. Any online slot gaming enthusiast will enjoy this game, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to indulge in two of the world’s favourite pastimes: online slot games and horse racing.