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The world of online slot gaming is one that needs no introduction. Over the past few years, this past time has gained millions of followers, owing largely to the excitement and edge-of-your-seat entertainment that comes along with it. However, because this market is such a popular one, it often proves hard to find a slot game with a difference. That is until now, of course, as Rival Slots has brought us 5 Reel Circus, a game that lives up to its name and gives players just what they’d expect: a circus.

This is a circus in the best sense of the word. Not only can it provide hours of excitement, it also has the kind of components that can make an online slot game unique and memorable. This game is unlike any we have seen in a long while, and every aspect of it works together to create a fully functional, enticing gambling experience, all from the comfort of your own computer screen.

Graphics and music for an extraordinary game

Since its November 2006 release, players have delighted themselves in the graphics and music that 5 Reel Circus has to offer. The team over at Rival Slots have managed to convey the circus theme throughout, resulting in graphics and icons that include a bearded lady, elephants, gymnasts, sea bears and tigers. They’re not your everyday kind of symbols, but they sure do make for entertaining play.

This game is also accompanied by a great soundtrack, making your online circus experience feel that extra bit more authentic. It’s the kind of music that can bring images to life, giving players that unique sense of magic that has kept players hooked for the past eight years.

A simple, yet effective structure makes for tons of fun

With five reels and 15 paylines, 5 Reel Circus never disappoints. As if the incredible graphics and soundtrack are not enough, the game also boasts a generous jackpot as well as ample casino bonuses. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving, and the possibilities for raking in some serious cash are endless. While the jackpot itself sits at a maximum of 7500 coins, the bonus feature allows this total to be increased up to as much as 22 500 coins.

And just to add some more excitement into the mix, the game also offers a host of free spins and multipliers, making it the perfect game for those who are looking to win big.

Rival Slots continues to impress

It is not often that players are able to say that online gaming powerhouses keep bringing exciting offerings to the table. However, online slots games continues to impress, especially when it comes to the creativity and detail that goes into manufacturing every game they produce. 5 Reel Circus is no different, as it combines every aspect of online slot gaming that players have come to love. It certainly comes as no surprise, then, that in eight short years, this game has grown so much in popularity. It is amongst the best in its class, and the dedication that players have towards it is testament to this fact.