Play VR Poker Casinos in  USA

When the first online poker games hit the market players could hardly believe their luck. Gone were the days of having to head down to a casino to play, instead instant entertainment was just a tap of the keyboard or mouse click away. With the advent of mobile poker, technology once again took gaming another step forward, and now, VR poker has emerged as a new and incredibly interactive way to play.

Virtual Reality poker games may well be the way of the future, and they certainly provide the most authentic gaming experience possible. Big name brands have gotten behind the VR trend and Samsung and Google, and Oculus – which is interestingly funded by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, have all developed their own platforms. With VR technology, online poker has well and truly moved into the 21 Century and playing has become more than just a visual experience; it’s also become a sensory one.

VR Poker goes along to blurring the lines between playing at a land-based table, and playing on a desktop or mobile. When plying poker online there has always been one essential element that’s not come into play, and that’s been the watching of other players and their reactions to the cards dealt, bets placed and moves made. With VR Poker, a player is put at a virtual table with other players whose movements may speak volumes about their hand.

Virtual Reality headsets can track the wearer’s movements and even something as subtle as the movement of an eye can be traced and projected into the arena. This adds a new level of authenticity to the game play of poker and enhances the experience, as it becomes al the more life like. VR puts players in the same room as one another with no geographical limitations and provides the ideal experience of actually playing against opponents, rather than an RNG.

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 An Interactive VR Poker Experience in America

Being able to play poker online has done away with many of the distractions of playing at a table, and in a way has simplified the game. With VR Poker, the game has gone back to its roots in a way, as all the intricacies, distractions and elements of playing at a land-based casino with great welcome casino bonuses are replicated by those who you interact with.

There are no pre-programmed algorithms, no computer based outcomes and no pausing a game to return to later. When playing VR Poker everything is enjoyed in real time and the game’s outcome is determined in the same way as if you were playing at a table in one of Las Vegas’, Macau or Atlantic City’s casinos.

mobile casino and tablets with their touch screens have already made playing online poker a more immersive, tactile experience, but with VR Poker, it’s taken to another level. With touch screen, the touch movement is a means to an end, whilst with VR technology it is possible to interact as if you are at the table, and to scrutinise your opponents, peek at your cards, study leader boards, watch your chips and observe all that’s going on around you –without ever moving from your sofa.

Just a few short years ago VR Poker would have been the stuff of science fiction movies, but with technology ever evolving it’s now become the hottest new ways to play.