Enjoy Virtual Reality Roulette in USA

Casinos have much to offer the punter in need of excitement, who is willing to risk his fortunes at the hands of the vicissitudes of Fate, or trust to a complicated system of mathematical probability as to whether the next card could be his making or his undoing: but can the caprices of the card table, or the clatter of the dice ever truly match the intensity of watching the spin of a roulette wheel?

The concentration on the faces of those who gather around its smooth orbit is almost tangible, as each wills the forces of motion and chance to halt the ivory ball in its tracks, and spell out fortune. In recent years, online casinos have taken this staple of the gaming hall and screen to the internet, but while card games translate smoothly and lucratively to the medium, the spinning roulette wheel, however random its electronic counterpart may surely be, can never quite be replaced in its hypnotic glory.

The advent of Virtual Reality technology, however, has changed this: rather than watching a screen showing us the events occurring, VR seeks to immerse the viewer completely in the action, essentially removing the sense of distance we may have as an observer, and making us an active participant, and indeed component, of our own entertainment.

From the very dawn of the arts, it has been the goal of creators to break down this barrier between medium and viewer, whether from the Renaissance adoption of natural perspective, or the 1950’s cinema wafting in the scents of the on-screen action to the audience. What intelligent surround sound systems and powerful headphones did for the development of realistic audio experiences, wearable VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, or Samsung’s VR Gear aim to do to the visual, isolating every viewer and player from his own environment, and placing him at the centre of a virtual realm, where every vista is governed by his own movements and actions.

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Enter a Virtual Casino Experience Online in USA

Having recently won several gaming awards, Microgaming continues its history of innovation in the online casino market, not least for introducing the first online VR casino with great welcome casino bonuses, and roulette game: set in a futuristic space environment, this game uses Oculus technology to capture player movement and project one into this world where it is possible to travel around the table, shuffle the brightly coloured chips, interact with the robotic croupier, and watch the wheel spin like a Stanley Kubrick-esque space station.

From early, stilted wheels of fortune to smoothly spinning wheels on baize backgrounds, via the latest in live action spins on powerful streaming cameras, modern technology has brought astounding developments to the gaming world. Now, with Virtual Reality, it has changed not only the way that popular classics like mobile roulette casino appear, but also how we experience them: in short, VR technology utilises more of the possibilities offered by the most powerful sensory platform yet developed, for the playing of games: the player themselves.