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Surfers Paradise Casino Online in USA

Surf Paradise is an awesome 3 reel 1 payline slot from Rival. This game invites you to enjoy the beach, get out into nature and surf your way to the jackpot. With a top jackpot of 2000 coins, surfing has never been this much fun! In order to create a great beach atmosphere, Rival has included symbols such as palm trees, green bars, red bars, blue bars, a surfboard and of course, waves.

Online Casino Coin denomination and betting

The coin denominations on the game are $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00. In order for you to win the top jackpot on Surf Paradise you have to bet the maximum of 2 coins. The minimum bet on the game is $0.02 and the maximum bet is $10.00. If you bet 2 coins and you get 3 wave symbols, you will win the highest jackpot of 2000 coins or $10,000. If you bet 1 coin and you get 3 wave symbols you will get the second highest jackpot of 750 coins or $3,750. If you bet 2 coins and you get 3 palm tree symbols you will win the third highest jackpot of 140 coins or $700.

Surf Paradise is a real treat for all those who love the beach and surfing. Rival has done a tremendous job of creating great graphics and sound to recreate a day at a tropical beach, where you can just lie in the sun or surf the perfect wave. The graphics are simple and effective in capturing the feel of the beach and the surf. The great sound effects also add to the beach atmosphere and the casino bonuses is uplifting on the whole, just like a day on the beach.

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Obviously Surf Paradise will appeal to all the surfers out there and beach lovers in general. With great jackpots and wins, the high rollers will also be keen to surf this wave to the beach. The 3 reel slot format has always been a favourite with the high rollers because it is the most classic and original format of the video slot. Although the high rollers enjoy the 3 reel slot this certainly doesn’t exclude other people from playing them. In fact the 3 reel slot is one of the best ways for newcomers to learn how to play slot machines and to learn about online gaming in general. Surf Paradise is available for download for free, which means you can download the software onto your computer and play whenever you want. Playing the free version is an excellent way to find out how the game works and to practice your online casino strategy for when you play for real money.

This is certainly one of the best 3 reel video slots around today and offers great jackpots and prizes. It really is worth taking a look at. Come and sit and relax on the beach or catch a huge wave of money with Surf Paradise today!