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Super Diamond Mine slots game from Real Time Gaming  is a 5 reel, 9 pay line slot that urges you to not only play the reels but to catch the diamonds as they fall. This innovative feature adds an extra element to the usual slots style game and players are encouraged to start their own collection of diamonds to increase their potential wins. Make sure you watch that meter at the top right hand side of your screen, and collect as many diamonds as you can.

Shine bright like a diamond

The Super Diamond Mine slots game shows few colours as not to divert your attention from the winning diamonds that cascade on to your screen. The symbols you can expect to see in this game are mines, diamonds, and sticks of dynamite, boulders and 3 bar symbols.

Down the mine shaft

Cascading symbols, casino bonuses and the progressive jackpot are what you can expect when playing Super Diamond Mine slots. This game doesn’t have a wild symbol however it does have 18 different winning combinations that will set you in good stead when receiving your pay out.

The main aim of this game is to collect as many diamond symbols as possible, at the top right hand side of your screen you will see meter running up the amount of diamonds you have collected. When you’ve managed to collect 99 diamonds you are sent through to the Super Diamond Mine slots bonus game where the winnings can be up to 4 950 coins by playing the maximum bet on all 9 lines. And don’t worry; diamonds come down fast and furiously so the likely hood of you reaching that 99 goal is definitely achievable.

Please take note that when you change the coin value of your bet your diamond meter will be set to zero to start all over again, so make sure before playing this game that you decide on your bet before you start, and stick to it.

A brilliant bonus game

The bonus game displays rows of mines from which you need to make a selection. Cross your fingers and hope that each mine you choose holds a prize, otherwise the bonus game will come to an end when you choose a mine that collapses on your miner.

Random progressive jackpot wins

This game also offers a progressive jackpot, and selects random winners. The progressive jackpot is won by landing a combination of 5 mine symbols on any of your active pay lines. The progressive jackpot payout will vary depending on the coin value you decided to play on. If you by some chance miss this progressive jackpot there is always the fixed jackpot of 10 000 coins, or 2nd place payout which is 6 000 coins depending on the amount you bet.

You can win the 10 000 coin fixed jackpot by playing with $1 and $5 coin values, and the 6 000 fixed jackpot is won when 5 diamond symbols appear on one of your active pay lines.

When focusing on winning combinations, watch out for the boulder symbol. The boulder symbol doesn’t pay out, it’s literally there for nothing else than to interrupt your win.

The Super Diamond Mine Slots app experience is one you don’t want to miss out on and with its simple combinations you can win big with ease!