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Get back to basics with Sevens and stripes slots!

World leaders in online slots games, Real Time Gaming, take it back to basics with the authentic feeling, classically styled video slots game, Sevens and Stripes slots! Forget all the bells and whistles, secret prizes and free spins, this down to earth slots game allows you to derive the maximum possible payout potential from your bets, on a payout line that you can actually see! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered to me!

Real Time Gaming has also designed and integrated their interface with displays showing your winnings and winning combinations on top of each real, right in front of your eyes, taking the guesswork out of gaming and showing you exactly what’s going on with each spin, ensuring you’re in complete control of what’s going on in Sevens and Stripes slots and keeping things simple, just the way it should be and just the way we like it!

This online slot game is the real thing, and so are the winnings!

Players in Sevens and Stripes slots can play up to three coins per round, in denominations of five, twenty five or one hundred, catering for all players from easy going to super serious without all the complicated nonsense that can sometimes accompany these fun filled, real money winning games.

And the winner is…

Now let’s get you up to speed on those winning combinations in Sevens and Stripes slots. The ones you’re looking for are the blue sevens. Get three of these in a row on a round where you’ve bet the maximum three going wager, and you’ll instantly win 300x your bet. Doesn’t worry if you don’t see it right away, the slots will sing just as they do in real life. Or if you prefer, you can turn down the music in the player options available on Sevens and stripes. Either way, your winnings will be pocketed!

Next up, three of the Triple blue bars in an activated line with the maximum three coin bet will pay you out 120 times your bet. On the spot, no questions asked. The sevens are also quite friendly to your pocket with a sixty times payout, and so are the double white bars with the same payout potential. Three Single red bars will roll out thirty times your bet in winnings, and any three bars will win you 12 times your bet.

Go big to win big!

It really is worthwhile to play the maximum three-coin bet in Sevens and Stripes slots, as this is the only way to trigger the progressive jackpot. Keep an eye on it while playing so you know when to go large! Besides the progressive jackpot, the largest jackpot is won by getting three red seven symbols on an activated pay line with a three-coin bet. This will pay out 5000 times your bet. Put into numbers this means that by playing the maximum bet of three $5 coins on the pay line, you could stand a chance of walking away with the grand jackpot prize of $75 000 with just one spin! Even the minimum bet of just 5 cents will leave you with $120 in winnings should these symbols come up!

To win the progressive jackpot, all you have to do is clock in one red, blue and white seven respectively in each real on the pay line and the biggest jackpot of the game is all yours!