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Embark on a Pirate Slots adventure!

Pirates have long been a popular theme with online slots developers and Realtime Gaming has created the stunning Pirate slots game that offers classic reel entertainment on every spin. Players can join a colourful cast of characters in this 3 reel, 1 payline slot adventure that promises quick returns and great fun!

If you are a fan of swashbuckling pirates, skull and crossbones-sailed ships and looted treasure than this exciting slot is right up your alley. Pirate Slots are graphic rich and feature vibrant reels adorned with imagery that will instantly transport you to the high seas, where big winnings and great rewards are available on every successful spin.

Ahoy Matey!

Pirate Slots is a classic 3 reel slot meaning that players simply need to line up 3 matching symbols across the payline to trigger a win. These classic games are very popular and Realtime Gaming is renowned for creating a superb selection of stunning themed games that cater to those who prefer the more traditional style of slot.

There are 9 different winning combinations in Pirate Slots and players will enjoy the low volatility, high return nature of the game. For beginners, this slot is the perfect choice as there are no line bets or paylines that need to be enabled manually; you can simply place a bet and hit spin, then wait to see if the bounty lines up in your favour!

Straightforward and simple slots fun

Pirate Slot features no scatter, wild or multiplier symbols and there’s no bonus game or special features. This however doesn’t mean that the slot is not rewarding, it just means that it’s a classic game that’s based on the original format of the very first slots machines, and that its straightforward, simple and so much fun.

The pirate theme enhances game play and attention to detail in this slot is impeccable. Although experienced players may find it lacks in special features the great graphics and immersive soundtrack ensure that it offers a hugely enjoyable experience every time. Pirate Slots promises quick returns and one of the major advantages of these 3 reel games is that their payout potential is generally enormous.

A retro slot that’s packed full of winning potential

Pirate Slots are packed full of winning potential and with only 3 reels and 9 winning combinations it’s not surprising they are a favourite with classic slots lovers. Realtime Gaming has ensured that this game is rewarding and exciting and that anyone who enjoys some swashbuckling, booty looting, treasure hunting entertainment is in for a treat!

Realtime Gaming has extensive experience in the online casino industry and it’s safe to say that Pirate Slots is yet another superb offering from their suite of slots that promises top notch entertainment every time the reels spin. Pirate Slots are the ideal choice for the classic slots lover and the theme of the game is beautifully executed on the bright and colourful reels.

Start spinning to win in Pirate Slots and uncover hidden treasure in a classic slots game that’s been inspired by the legendary Blackbeard, Long John Silver and Sir Francis Drake!