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Enjoy Classic Online Gaming with Pharaohs Gold Slots

Phaorahs Gold slots is a three-reel, three-payline game, which means that there are three spinning reels from which players are able to make those winning combos, and players need only bet three coins in order to win big.

Each coin that the player inserts will enable a payline, and when the reels stop spinning the computer will examine the results and see if any winning combinations appear.  Players are invited to test the game for free too, and, when they fall in love, can begin to play with denominations ranging from as little as 0.25 up to 5.  This big range encompasses both players who prefer to make smaller bets, those who appear at the other end of the scale, and everyone in between.

Theme for Pharaohs Gold Slots

As the title for the game infers, you are transported back into the world of Ancient Egypt and are invited to take advantage of the treasures buried there by the kings of Old.  The game features both a wild symbol and the ever-popular progressive jackpot, as well a payouts as high as 50.

Symbols for Pharaohs Gold Slots

The Ankh has no value, and serves as a filler for the game, but it is accompanied by a wild in the form of The Eye of Horus.  This icon will stand in for all others in order to complete your winning combos and can result in some large payouts when you least expect it.  Other symbols include a Pharaoh, Scarab, and a Green Cobra from which you make your winning combinations and take home the money.

The smaller amount of icons present in the game not only makes for a far simpler game play, ideal for newcomers to the world of online casino slots games, but also increases the percentage of winning combinations, as symbols appear more frequently than they would in games with a larger selection.  Players only need two of the Green Cobra symbols to appear in order to collect a payout, and three of the other symbols do the job.

Pharaohs Gold Slots Game Play

Players can activate the progressive jackpot by choosing to wager the maximum bet, which is a total of three coins for all three paylines.  Your win will be paid out on the highest combination on your reels, and all winnings will be paid out in coins except for the progressive jackpot, which is displayed in the form of credits.  Because this jackpot is continually accruing, the value it stands at when you are in play will be displayed on the screen for you to check. Winning this jackpot is achieved by lining up three of the Pharaoh symbols on the third payline with the maximum bet enabled.

The simple interface and good graphics make Pharaohs Gold Slots an excellent choice for players at any level of experience and Real Time Gaming has once again proved why they are leaders in the field of online casino slots games.