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You could strike it lucky and win big with Outta This World Slots!

You can win big with Outta This World Slots! Travel through space in search of some fantastic wins. As you venture through the galaxy, you will encounter free games and multipliers – everything you need to guarantee yourself a big win.

With five reels and 20 paylines, the odds are in your favour. Developed by Real Time Gaming, this game is guaranteed to present you with ample opportunity to rake in substantial winnings. It’s an amalgamation of everything so many of us dream of – a curious journey into space and winning big on the slot machines. All in all, this is one take-off you definitely do not want to miss!

Big payout potential

Apart from the frequent free spins and multipliers on offer throughout the game, Outta This World Slots has a maximum payout of 7500 coins – all in a day’s work for a space adventurer. Every great game needs great symbols and a great soundtrack, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from this one. Aliens, UFOs, Telescopes, Black Holes and Planet Earth accompany the traditional ten, Jack, King and Queen symbols as they flash before your eyes on your way to winning big. And when that does happen, the soundtrack is enough to lift your spirits even higher. The signature tune that plays when a player hits the jackpot will make you feel as though you’ve won all over again.

Make your dreams come true

We’ve all had those childhood dreams about bright green aliens and flashing lights roaming around space. Outta This World Slots has managed to turn those dreams into a reality – except with the extra, even more exciting possibility of winning big money. With this game, even if Lady Luck doesn’t smile down on you during the spins, you still have the chance to win with the random progressive jackpot. In this game, space is even better than you could have imagined, even in your wildest dreams.

Over and above everything else on offer from Outta This World slots, there are, of course, some extra features created to enhance your gaming experience. The Wild symbol, which in this case is a green, Cyclops of an alien, can replace any symbol (other than the Scatter symbol) to create a winning combination. This green little Cyclops is definitely someone you want to see around – he’ll help you along and increase your winnings.

Of course, the Scatter symbol is just as wonderful. Represented by a Black Hole, this Scatter is anything but the definition that scientists have put down to this term. Instead of winnings disappearing, they will increase and multiply – and rather significantly so. The end result of this is, of course, dependent on the number of Black Hole symbols you strike.

Nonstop slots fun

Outta This World slots is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining slot games available right now. It’s fun and engaging, and speaks to the child within each and every one of us – not to even mention the huge wins that could come from just one game. So go on, leave this galaxy behind you and go explore a brand new one – you never know what you might find.