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Mystic Dragon Slots can provide hours of uninterrupted fun

Mystic Dragon Slots is another epic, exciting game developed by Real Time Gaming. True to their form, Real Time Gaming has given us the kind of game we won’t want to stop playing. There are so many factors contributing to making this slot game an enjoyable one – just testament to the hard work and dedication that goes into every detail of Real Time Gaming’s work.

For one, the game transports us straight to a mythical, fairytale land where, of course, dragons, princesses, Knights and castles are commonplace. The fantasy world that has been created for us to enjoy the game in is unlike many we have seen before. The design of this five reel, 25 payline game structure is perfect for the cause, as it is both practical and beautiful, with fairy-tale characters coming to life as the reels spin past. Secondly, the soundtrack supplied for Mystic Dragon Slots is incredible, and puts you right in the mood to keep playing. Every small victory is celebrated by a different sound; all leading up to what could potentially be one of your biggest wins to date.

How does the game work?

This game has huge potential for a big payout, you just have to pay careful attention to the symbols. These symbols also fit in well with the theme, and reels are adorned with the likes of scrolls, treasure chests, princesses, knights and castles.

While the final payout may be a big one, this game does not require the player to spend large amounts in order to play. Quite the opposite, actually. Instead, betting wagers begin from as little as $0.01 and go up to as much as $5 per line, giving gamers the freedom to bet within a bracket that they feel comfortable in.

Bonus features

Of course, no game featuring princesses, dragons and treasure chests would be complete without ample bonus features. Mystic Dragon Slots gives us just that, with Scatters, Wilds and free games springing up during play – when you least expect it. The dragon symbol serves as the Wild symbol in this case, and can substitute any symbol other than the Scatter symbol. In other words, if you’re missing a symbol from a complete, winning set, the dragon can fill in for it, thus giving you a win.

Mystic Dragon Slots’ Scatter symbol is the Volcano. This symbol appears at regular intervals and awards bets of up to 500 times your total bet – now that’s the kind of volcano we’d all like to see! The Volcano also triggers the free games, known as the Dragon’s Lair.

This game truly is a good, old-fashioned fun slot game. It provides an escape into a fantasy world where we get to keep the company of beautiful princesses and knights in shining armour – all while collecting our winnings. Once again Real Time Gaming has outdone themselves and created and incredible, graphic-rich game with big wins. Mystic Dragon slots are sure to become a huge hit with players around the globe.