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Monster Mayhem Slots is the kind of game that’s fun for everyone.

Any online slot gaming enthusiast will know that Real Time Gaming represents all the elements that have turned slot gaming into the popular hobby that it has become today. Excellent graphics, perfectly accompanied by wonderful soundtracks, all rounded off nicely with a healthy, generous payoff is what Real Time Gaming does best, and they have done so yet again with Monster Mayhem Slots.

This game, which, as the name suggests, has a monster theme running throughout it. With five reels and no less than 50 paylines, this game is a slot gamer’s dream. It is also accompanied by a few features that are unlike many we see today, making it even more exciting. While the game is easy to understand and play, it is sure to keep you enthralled for a good while.

Special features

Monster Mayhem Slots has a ReSpin feature. This is similar to free spins, but you go about securing these free spins in a different way than you would in traditional slot games. In order for this feature to be triggered, the Monster Mayhem Smash Wild symbol first needs to be spun on the first and fifth reels. Once this is in effect, your free spins will be awarded.

The game also features Wild Symbols, called Crash and Smash Monsters. These symbols can replace any other symbol on a line in order to produce a winning combination – leaving you with a higher grand total. What sets Monster Mayhem Slots apart from the rest, however, is the fact that these Wild symbols are capable of replacing any symbol, including the Scatter symbol, which is something that not many other online slot games can offer its players.

The Scatter symbol is presented in the form of a city symbol. If three or more of these cities appear anywhere on the screen, in any line, all at once, your winnings up until that point will be increased significantly – that is to say, it will be multiplied by anything from five to 50 times.

There are also two progressive jackpots running throughout the game, which adds a bit of spice to the way that other players play, given the fact that the jackpot could be won at any given point. The major and minor progressive jackpots are constantly increasing in value, so chances are high that you could win quite a grand prize.

What makes it special?

Monster Mayhem Slots is one of those games that gives you an interesting storyline and scenario in which to place yourself while you play the game. The basis of this one is a city that has been taken over by monsters, and as you experience this, you get to pick up winnings along the way.

This game is an enjoyable one. Real Time Gaming has set it apart from the other games by giving it the same features, but with a very different twist. Monster Mayhem Slots is, most certainly, a fun game for all, regardless of how serious you are about online slot gaming. It makes for good fun, and the rewards are generous ones.