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Mr Money Slots – the perfect man.

He has good looks, a glistening smile and lots of money – unfortunately, he isn’t real. But he could be, for as long as you play Mr Money Slots, yet another exceptional game from Real Time Gaming, the online slot gaming development powerhouse. As he stares at you from the screen, his pearly white sparkling to diamond perfection, it is as though you have a cheerleader rooting for you every step of the way. This game is everything a girl wants and more.

The game itself is filled with diamonds, jewellery, fancy cars, and private jets – basically, anything your heart has ever desired. The basis of the game is that Mr Money can give you all of these things, each of which forms the symbols decorating the reels, of which there are five. Accompanied by 20 paylines, it completes the structure of Mr Money Slots.

Money makes the world go round

This game sees that no one leaves empty handed. Mr Money just wants to please you, so he will give you whatever you want, no matter how extravagant your request may be. He attempts to help you secure those dreams through the introduction of a few special features that set this game aside from the rest. Wild symbol? Scatter symbol? Free spins?  Multipliers? You name it, Mr Money has it – and he has it just for you!

Of course, Mr Money is a very generous man. He offers Mr Money Slots’ players the option to choose their own flexibility in terms of their spend. So, even if you wager a small bet in at the minimum amount of $0.25 per spin, or move up to the maximum of $100 per spin, you stand a chance of winning the jackpot. The jackpot is a progressive one, and is completely random, meaning that at any point, any player could be awarded it, which is what makes this game all the more exciting.

Extra features

Of course there are extra features – this is Mr Money we’re talking about! In true form, the symbol for Mr Money Slots’ Wild function is a gigantic, sparkling white diamond. This diamond can be used to substitute other symbols lacking from a complete winning set so that your overall grand total will increase – just another way for Mr Money to let you know that he cares for you.

This game’s Scatter symbol is represented by the red diamond. Essentially, what this red diamond does is trigger features that open you up to greater wealth, such as multipliers and free spins!

It’s nice to live fancily and frivolously sometimes, so this game is a great one for days when you feel like that’s exactly what you need. Mr Money Slots is a great game to play for all, as it’s a fun, quirky way of getting everything you’ve ever wanted – or at least pretending to, anyway. So settle in, get comfortable behind that screen, and let Mr Money and his dazzling smile take care of you.