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Exotic and spicy gaming with classic 3 reel fun!

Mexican Slots as you might have guessed is a Mexican inspired video slots game that uses the theme to spice up its reels and offer great entertainment. Designed and powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), one of the world leading casino gaming software developers, the game meets the high standard set out by the developer and delivers even more than expected!  Full of sandy coloured hues and Mexican paraphernalia this charming twist on the classic 3 reel video slots game is a delight and a reel winner! The game uses classic reel play instead of bonus games, wild, scatters and intricate game rules to provide pure gaming enjoyment.

Sandy desert and sizzling hot symbols!

Mexican Slots uses the Mexican desert as an overall theme for the game to tie in the various gaming elements quite nicely. Home to a variety of Mexican inspired symbols, the game keeps it fresh, spicy and fun! Some of the icons within the reels of the game include the sizzling hot red chilli peppers, the fleshy green cactus, the pair of maracas, a freshly cut lime and naturally too, a bottle of tequila. Other icons include the mariachi guitar, the stubborn donkey, the Mexican man wearing his big Mexican hat and the beautiful and glowing Mexican dancer girl, completed with a flower in her hair.

Mexican Slots is set against the backdrop of a Mexican village, with rocky cliffs, sparse vegetation and Mexican architecture lining the dusty horizon. It sets the perfect scene for the 3 reel game which boasts decorated frames for each individual reel and information banners. The attention to detail is really astounding! The classic style slot game does however shake things up a bit with the placement of its components. Usually you find the pay table to the right of the reels and the reels dominate the screen. In this case however, the pay table information is displayed on the left and the reels are shifted to the right, the Mexican Slots reels also do not take up a majority of the screen. This makes for a fresh experience as the reels seem to be floating and really capture your attention.

Spin the spicy reels and win big!

In the 3 reel format video slots game there is only one, single pay line based in the centre. It is also, like many other games of this kind, based on a coin betting system where you have the option of betting one, two or three coins. The choice is yours and can be set according to your comfort level although playing on the maximum bet is often encouraged to optimize your winnings.

Mexican Slots offers no wild, scatter or bonus symbols and is without a bonus feature, free spins feature or progressive jackpot, which in the end is hardly noticeable.  The chilli pepper, cactus, maracas and lime pay out from even a single appearance on the pay line! All the other symbols except for the dancer pay out from as little as two icons appearing in the pay line. The big win though is the triple appearance of the beautiful Mexican dancer!

This slots game is another fine example of why RTG is a leader in the online gaming world and Mexican slots promises great fun and big wins on every successful spin.