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Lightning can strike several times in one place when you’re playing this game!

Classic reel games just thundered onto your screen!

Lucky Lightnin Slots is a classic three reel one pay line game specially designed for lovers of the traditional one arm bandit casino style reel games which started off the reel game mania.  The highest win on the pay line is the only winnings paid out and there are no bonus games, wild symbols or scatter symbols which some players find very confusing.  What you see if what you get is the name of the game when you spin the reels in this game!

The animations and graphics in a lightning flash

There might be lightning bolts and a one arm bandit play lever added to the graphics on Lucky Lightnin Slots, but it is non-functioning.  The animations of this game are smooth and give a real live play in a traditional casino feeling, making this game perfect for players who dislike first having to understand and learn the rules of more complicated casino style reel games.  Beginner players will also enjoy this game tremendously as it is uncomplicated and easy to understand yet doesn’t subtract from the possibility of winning big whilst playing just for pure enjoyment.

The symbols and payouts strikes like lightning

Once again, classic and easy to understand!  This game features no complicated symbols which allow players to understand the pay table featured on the only screen in this game easily.  Lucky Lightnin Slots features lucky 7’s, which are also the jackpot symbol in this game, paying out up to a massive 2 500 coins on maximum bet.  It pays out 1 600 coins on a two coin bet and 800 coins on a one coin bet.  The next most important symbol of this game is the double bar symbol.  This symbol pays out 600 coins on maximum bet, 400 coins on a two coin bet and 200 coins on a single coin bet.

The oranges symbol in this game is the next symbol on the payout table.  It pays out a decent 300 coins on maximum bet, 200 coins on a two coin bet and 100 coins on a single coin bet.  We all like cherries!  In Lucky Lightnin Slots the cherries pays out 75, 50 or 25 coins, depending on the betting amount.  Plums pay out 45, 30 and 15 coins.  Three single bar symbols pays out up to 30 coins and any combination of bars symbols pays out up to 15 coins.  A single cherry symbol will pay out up to 6 coins.  In this game even the blanks will win you coins!  You will win back your original bet amount when the reels stop on three blank symbols!

Easy game play

The buttons on this game are as easy to understand as the game.  It has four buttons, one to pay out your winnings, a button to bet one or two coins, a button to spin the reels for a one or two coins bet and a button to play 3 coins and spin the reels automatically.  Lucky Lightnin Slots is one of those games where you can totally relax and enjoy your entertainment as you are playing towards winning that sweet jackpot!