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Beat the aliens to the jackpot!

Powering up the jackpot to the speed of light!

Light Speed Slots is such a brilliantly created game by the all time casino reel game developers named Real Time Gaming.  This futuristic science fiction based game will entertain players for hours with its goal orientated features and imaginative theme.

It is a three reel one pay line game with an alien twist where a light speed power meter has to be charged up in order to win the progressive jackpot.  It is quite easy to charge up this meter which also acts as a multiplier.  Whenever the reels stop on a winning combination, the winning amount is multiplied by the amount of bars lit up at both sides of the payout table at the top of the screen of the Light Speed Slots gaming screen, for example, if all seven the bars on the light speed power meter is lit up when a winning combination comes up, the winning amount is multiplied by 7!  The light speed symbol will charge up the light speed power meter any time one of these symbols appears on the reels.

Graphic quality and design which will impress even the aliens!

This game impresses with smooth animations and unique sounds.  The screen is designed to give the player the impression of sitting in front of a casino reel machine with a non-functioning reel spinning arm, the payout table at the top of the screen and the reels towards the bottom.  The player buttons of Light Speed Slots are situated right at the bottom of the screen where the fun balance winning meter is also situated.

Flying with the aliens to big winnings!

The robot symbol has gone wild!  The robot symbol is the wild symbol in this game and replaces any other symbol except the light speed symbol on the reels to complete a winning line.  The symbols featured in this game are all science fiction related.  A green alien head with its beady eyes, planet earth, an alien spaceship, a shiny star and a laser gun are the base symbols.  The light speed symbol charges up the light speed meter.  Every time this symbol appears on the reels of Light Speed Slots, it will charge up the light speed meter by one power for every light speed symbol.

The light speed meter is also the multiplier feature on this game.  It is necessary to play this game at the maximum betting amount to be able to reap the benefits of the light speed meter.  Lesser bets will result in winnings but without the added feature of a multiplier or the chance to win the progressive jackpot.  In order to win the progressive jackpot, all seven the bars of the light speed power meter must be lit up and the reels has to stop on three laser guns.  Light Speed Slots takes the classic casino reel game to a new dimension.  So power up to the speed of light and shoot down the jackpot with your laser guns!