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Hippy days, heavy winnings

High Rollers Slots, a classic 3 reel, 5 payline online classic slot machine from Real Time Gaming, will transport all you cool cats back to the carefree days of the Summer of Love and let you tune in to massive winnings. With the game’s 100 coins per line bet maximum payout, its progressive jackpot and Wild symbol, you’ll be grateful you’re not dead when you see the rewards come in!

Light the patchouli joss sticks and blaze a smile across your face, because playing this game will put you at the heart of hippy culture with its psychedelic imagery (including a dancing ladybird!) and swingin’ soundtrack. Its generous payouts mean that you really could live the care-free life, man!

Expand your consciousness and win!

The swinging ‘60s were all about peace and freedom, and the expansion of consciousness was one path to this – and it was a path that left us with psychedelic art and designs that are, like, hey shoo wow! The reel symbols in High Rollers Slots are pretty psychedelic, and the wins they bring also, like, hey shoo wow, man!

In this game you will find a VW Bus symbol, a Tie-Dye T-Shirt symbol, a Lava Lamp symbol, a Butterfly symbol, and a Peace Sign symbol. The game’s Wild symbol is the Peace Sign symbol, and this symbol can substitute for any other symbol to make for a winning combination. The Peace Sign Wild symbol also features pretty nifty animation when it appears in a winning combination, adding to the fun of the reward!

How to roll for high rewards

Real Time Gaming’s High Rollers Slots is a classic slot machine, so it’s not complicated to play, which means you can look forward to a gaming experience that offers you the excitement of big wins and an awesome hippy vibe – and it only requires a few chilled out moves from you!

Use the arrows next to the Denomination button to set your coin denomination, and then use the Bet One button to place a wager on a payline. Click the Bet One button multiple times to place wagers on multiple paylines. To place wagers on 5 paylines, use the Play 5 Credits button. Then use the Spin Reel button to make those reels spin like a kaleidoscope, man!

But what does it all mean?

Once you’ve set your coin denomination, selected your paylines and hit the High Rollers Slots’ Spin Reel button, things will get trippy, and symbols will emerge from the swirling colours of the reels… But what does it all mean? 3 Lava Lamp symbols will earn you 3 coins, 3 Butterfly symbols will earn you 6 coins, 3 Tie-Dyed T-Shirt symbols will earn you 24 coins, and 3 VW Bus symbols on lines 1 to 4 will earn you 48 coins. If 3 VW Bus symbols appear on line 5, you’ll get the progressive jackpot!

You’ll only get paid out for 1 winning combination per payline, but that will be for the highest-paying combination, so it’s all good!

Good times, good wins

High Rollers Slots is all about the good times, man. Play it now for a groovy gaming experience that packs a punch of flower power and pours out the winnings!