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Have fun with food themed slots

Food Fight Slots is a 5 reel 9 payline video slot from Realtime Gaming. The theme is obviously a food fight and this video slot is great fun. The symbols on the reels depict all kinds of delicious food items such as a hamburger, pizza, tomato, pasta, meringue pie, strawberry sundae and an ice cream cone. All of these foods are delicious and would be great in a food fight.

The scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is the ice cream symbol. When you see these ice cream symbols on the screen you could win up to an amazing 450 coins. The scatter bonus on Food Fight Slots is a little different than most. Instead of getting a certain amount of the same symbol you need to get a scoop of ice cream, a chocolate and cherry topping and an ice cream cone. When all these symbols appear on the screen at the same time, they come together to make a delicious ice cream dessert and you receive a tasty scatter bonus. The total of the bonus depends on how much you bet on the spin and pays a maximum of 405 credits.

The chocolate ice cream bonus

The bowl of chocolate ice cream pays some of the biggest bonuses on Food Fight Slots. If the bowl of chocolate ice cream lines up on a payline you could win up to 6200 coins.

The progressive Jackpot

If you get 5 of the bowls of chocolate ice cream you will win the progressive jackpot if it has been activated. In order to activate the progressive jackpot you will need 5 bowls of chocolate ice cream to appear on the maximum payline. When this does happen the payout is astronomical and you never know it might just be yours!

The bonus game

The bonus game on Food Fight Slots is really fun because it’s a pie fight! If you line up all 3 pie symbols on 1 payline you trigger the bonus game. There are a massive 3000 coins to be had in this game. The bonus game is similar to the scatters in this game because you need to collect 3 different icons in order for the game to begin. The 3 symbols are the 3 separate pieces that make up a pie, a pie base, the meringue and of course the cherry on the top. The bonus round can be triggered with any size bet on any number of paylines. Once your Food Fight Slots dessert has been put together all that’s left to do is decide who you want to throw it at and go ahead.

Coin denominations and betting

The coin denominations on this game range from $0.01 up to $5.00 so there is a wide enough spread to attract both novices and high rollers.

Graphics and sound and gameplay

This game is a whole lot of fun! The graphics are bright and cheerful and so are the sound effects and although the game is extremely light-hearted it offers huge jackpots too. There is something in this game for everyone and a lot of fun to be had. So no matter who you are, come and play Food Fight Slots now and win big prizes!