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Welcome to Ancient China…

Crazy Dragon Slots. It may have the word crazy in the title but crazy is anyone not already in love with this game. Another marvel from Real Time Gaming, this classic slot embodies the spiritual vibe of ancient China. Wielding a similar, older guise to that of the land it portrays and a melodic tune popular of the same era it’s hard not to fall completely into the whole experience. A rejuvenation of sorts, with the benefit of a high earning slot and a series of Jackpots and Re-spins.

A classic slot with modern rewards

With little more needed than its 3 reels and single payline, Crazy Dragon Slots has persevered in harnessing the basics of slot games into a form of perfection. Only six symbols lie upon the reels of this slot, a feature that much like its simple base game, focuses on the raw game of slots, allowing for bigger wins a lot more often. The coin denomination is fixed at $1.00 but can be changed to euro or pound, and the wager range is 1 to 3 coins, this makes spinning an easy uncomplicated affair. But because sometimes the basics just aren’t enough, this online slot also offers multiple bonuses, the use of a wild symbol and a Progressive Jackpot that can keep on getting bigger and bigger.

Brandishing multiple icons on its reels that pertain to its Chinese theme adds to the atmosphere when playing Crazy Dragon Slots and makes each spin an adventure. The symbols, in order of payout size, are; Koi fish, Firecracker, Bonsai Tree and Pagoda. With 3 Koi fish earning the base game Jackpot of 3000 credits. Two additional symbols, making up the six, introduce the bonus features to the game, namely the Wild and Bonus Dragon symbol.

Bonuses anyone?

The wild symbol in this slot game is the famous Yin Yang sign, no better a presentation than that for this important symbol, which substitutes for any symbol, except the Bonus Dragon, to form winning combinations. A useful tool in completing the high reward combos.

The Bonus Dragon symbol is a unique and once again germane facet of Crazy Dragon Slots layered theme. Made up of three parts; a head, body and tail set upon reels one, two and three respectively, this symbol unlocks the massive Free Spins or Re-spins, in this games case, feature of the game. Re-spins are allocated based on the completion of the Dragon across the reels, in other words, the head of the Dragon, or the head plus the body etc. In order to win the Re-spins the player must bet the maximum three coins wager and have at least the head of the Bonus Dragon symbol. For each part of the Bonus Dragon symbol hit, the Re-spins earned increases; 2, 5, and ultimately 20 Re-spins for the whole Dragon. The Re-spins can then stack, or retrigger, with the additional Re-spins added to those still remaining.

Crazy Dragon Slots also has a Progressive Jackpot feature, which keeps accumulating until won. This Jackpot is earned through the Re-spins feature above, when a player retriggers up to one hundred Re-spins, using the Bonus Dragon symbol. This is a tough challenge but the rewards can be more than worth the effort.