Samsung VR Gear Online Poker in USA

Samsung is a world-renowned brand that has earned themselves a reputation for always being on the cutting edge of technology. With a focus on both communications and entertainment tech, Samsung as also made an inroad into Virtual Reality, and has been looking at cornering the market with product releases such as the Oculus and Gear. A variety of games have been created with VR technology in mind and first person shooters; puzzles and casinos games are all on the menu.

Developing stylish, functional VR gear has been Samsung’s modus operandi and thanks to poker and other casino games created for enjoyment on these devices, players can enjoy an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before. Embracing the potential of VR technology, Samsung VR Gear online poker provides players with interactive gaming that’s as realistic as being seated at a real table.

Moving VR casinos into the Mainstream

Thanks to the release of its new headset, Samsung has managed to move VR into the mainstream, rather than keeping it in a sort of science fiction-esque niche market. VR is now not only a reality, it’s also available in a relatively affordable format and has become the next big thing in communications and entertainment.

Following in Samsung’s wake are other companies who’ve turned their attention to virtual reality, and brands such as HTC are working towards their own imminent releases. Thanks to a fresh injection of funds by Facebook founder and Internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, projects such as the Oculus Rift have had great success in furthering the development of their VR devices and in working on the motion capture platforms that are utilised in gaming consoles.

It is however evident that Samsung is well ahead of the pack as they have already launched a number of games for their VR headset. Much like the way the Galaxy attracted smartphone aficionados attention and gave the brand a bit of a shot in the arm, the VR Gear headset has given Samsung that extra cool factor and has opened up a whole new world of interactive gaming opportunities. As the headset is also comfortable to wear and not at all cumbersome, it’s made it an even more attractive option to those who want to try this type of technology for themselves.

The Best Virtual Poker Experience in USA

Online casinos are already able to offer players a relatively interactive poker experience, going as far as having live dealer games that are accessed in real time via video streaming. What even these live dealer games cannot offer though is the experience of sitting at a poker table and being able to watch your opponents every move. When playing online you cannot assess another players face, or their physical reactions, but with Samsung VR Gear online poker this becomes a reality.

In many ways, poker is ideally suited to VR technology as players can watch one another, check out their cards, place bets, move chips around and generally assess the environment of the room they are ‘playing’ in.

Samsung VR Gear online poker offers player a break from RNG games or those played against a live dealer, and dramatically closes the gap between playing in the comfort of your own home and in a land based with casino bonuses. The lines between playing at a poker table and from your own living room have been blurred and thanks to leading edge technology, they’ll continue to do so in the best possible way.