Play mobile craps at online casinos in USA

Craps is an exceptionally fun and entertaining dice game that’s made the seamless transition from land based casinos to the online arena, and is now available for play on your mobile phone.  Mobile craps may seem like a less social version of the often frenetic game, but now many top casinos also offer social craps where players can chat to other like-minded players who want to enjoy an authentic and realistic craps game experience on the go.

Originally developed from the English dice game of Hazard, Craps has a long and chequered history, dating back to the time of the Crusades and later being influenced by the French gaming halls. The game as we know it today was first known as crapaud, a French word that means toad and refers to the street version of the game which often saw players hunched over on their haunches watching the dice roll. From this word the shortened version ‘craps’ become synonymous with an enthralling form of entertainment that remains well-loved by players across the globe.

Mobile craps games have been optimised by top online casinos for a range of hand held devices and iPhone, iPad, android,Windows, Blackberry and other popular mobile smart phone and tablets can all access craps games of superb quality.

Play Mobile Craps casinos today in America

Craps games are relatively simple and although there are a multitude of different wagering combinations that need to be understood, the premise of the game is straightforward. Part of the entertainment factor of craps is its rhyming and often innuendo-packed narration and many players have compared it to a more risqué game of bingo!

To get started playing mobile craps players must begin with a ‘Come Out’ roll with a bet commonly placed on the pass line. Once players have progressed past the first bet they can switch their wagering up and try more complex bets. Field bets, come bets, don’t pass line bets and hard-way bets are just some of the other options available, and players should try their hand at the free games on offer  for mobile before they wager real money, as they will stand a better chance of winning big when they know what they are doing!

There are no ties in the game of craps so the results are always clear cut and a mobile craps game will quickly reveal if you are a winner. The games pace is exceptionally fast and many mobile games offer an auto play feature to play several games in rapid succession, enhancing a player’s chance of winning big and rolling more dice in a shorter period of time.

Many craps enthusiasts have created craps betting systems that increase their winning potential and often these systems rely on the offsetting of multiple bets to minimise risk and increase winning chances. These betting systems can be applied to all types of craps games and players can opt to employ them to try their luck at increasing their payouts.

Mobile craps games are a great opportunity to enjoy all the fun and excitement of this dice game on the go and players can take the fun of this age-old casino entertainment with them everywhere with great welcome casino bonuses, squeezing in a game when waiting for the bus, drinking a cup of coffee or simply relaxing on the couch.