Enjoy casino baccarat on your iPhone in USA

Baccarat is a popular card game that has stood the test of time and remains a firm favourite with players at online and mobile casinos. Available in a selection of different varieties that gamers can enjoy on the go, baccarat remains one of the most-loved cellphone casino games to this day.

iPhone Baccarat can be played on the move and players using this state-of-the-art smart phone can take the winning with them wherever they go.

Best iPhone Baccarat Casino in America

Baccarat is a card game that offers players some of the best odds of any type of casino entertainment and the aim of the game is to hold a hand that totals 9, or as close to 9 as possible. The word ‘baccarat’ means zero and players who end up with baccarat are the losers.

Live baccarat games have also become popular and iPhone Baccarat players can indulge in these realistic and authentic video feed games that feature a live dealer, thanks to the devices built in internet connection and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Of course iPhone Baccarat is the latest in a long line of baccarat games that have captivated players around the globe and it’s believed the game dates back as far as 1200, when it was first created in Italy. The French were ordered to play this game in secret and it was only when the English picked it up that is popularity spread like wildfire and players around the world learnt how to enjoy this unique and thrilling card-based entertainment.

How to play iPhone Baccarat Casinos

iPhone Baccarat has lost nothing in its translation from desktop to small screen and although the navigation may be pared down for a more user-friendly experience, players can still enjoy the same great gaming action on the go.

The aim of the game is to attain a hand that equals 9, or as close to this number as possible and players only receive 2 cards, with a possible 3rd card in the offing depending on the game variation. Adding up the cards value is simple and cards with the value of 2-9 are counted as their number and the Jack, King and Queen are all worth 10 points, with the Ace only worth 1. Cards are counted by adding their total value together and then removing the ten, so if you have 13 you essentially have 3, however if your cards total 10 you have zero, which is baccarat or a losing hand. If you reach the number 9, or as close to 9 as possible, you are the winner.

Popular iPhone Baccarat Casino Games in  USA

Online casino bonuses have made baccarat incredibly popular and the iPhone has allowed fans of this enthralling card game to enjoy all their favourite casino entertainment on the go. There are 3 main variations of the game on offer, but many top sites offer adapted versions and multi-hand games for added entertainment value. Punto Banco or North American baccarat, Chemin de Fer or French “railway” games and Bacacarat Banque or A deux Tableau are the original version,s and many contemporary styles have been created from these games. iPhone Baccarat makes it possible to enjoy access to a huge selection of these card games and indulge in an exciting and suspenseful form of wagering on the go!